Max’s Story

I was born on or about April 9th, 2011 along with my 5 siblings to our mom Callie. She was a young and beautiful calico cat. She was also homeless. When it came time to deliver us, she set up her nursery in a trailer park shed east of the mountains in Richland WA.

My siblings and I were oblivious to the dire straits Mama Callie was in, we felt completely safe and secure as she nursed and cared for us. We had no idea of her struggles to find food to keep up her strength so she could provide for us. When we were barely a week old, something wonderful happened… the lady who owned the shed discovered us. She showed us to a nice man named Bob who was visiting on vacation. He thought we were all pretty cute and for the next couple of days he would stop in to see us and feed Mama Callie. When it was time for Bob to go back to his home on the Washington coast, he decided to take our entire family with him. He got a big dog bed for us and loaded us up in a jumbo dog carrier. We didn’t really know what was happening, but as we all lay quietly in the carrier for the 7 hour trip over the mountains to our new home, we could sense Mama Callie was very happy and content.

Our new home was Bob’s garage – compared to where we were living it was the Ritz, most of all it was warm, dry and safe! The next couple of weeks weren’t too eventful… our eyes had just opened and none of us could really walk that well. All of that changed in hurry. Pretty soon we were wobbling out of our bed and starting to explore. As we grew, we got neat toys to play with and Bob constructed all kinds of interesting things for us to climb on. When Bob went on vacation, his sisters J & K would stop by 2 or 3 times a day to feed us and play. They had two cats of their own, so they knew how to entertain us.

Stay tuned for Part Two…

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