The Kirby Project – The Frog is Boiled

Max and Dré were slowly "boiled" into accepting Kirby as part of their household! Ever hear of the "boiling a frog" theory? The theory is that if a frog is suddenly thrown into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is initially put in lukewarm...

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The Kirby Project – Week 3

Week 3 - Kirby continues to make inroads into Max and Dré's world.  We have been letting him explore the downstairs when Dré and Max are outside or in other parts of the house. The cats have also been engaging in supervised play sessions where we have Kirby on one...

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A meditative poem about one of my cutest facial features – my freckles. When I was a little kitten, my nose was entirely pink. After about a year little black dots started appearing out of nowhere!

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Litter Boxes, a Cat’s Perspective

Admit it – you love your cat, but you hate his litter box. As an unpaid representative of the feline nation, I’m not asking you to love the litter box, but at least try to view it from your cat’s perspective. Below I discuss five aspects of the litter box that are...

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