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Coloring the world orange one fur at a time

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They call me Mr. Stripes.

My real name is Maximilian Mary, but you can call me Max!

I’m a classic orange tabby who has lots of catitude & style,

and an ever increasing number of black freckles!

My Day…

  • Sleeping 64%
  • Eating 10%
  • Bird watching and playing 10%
  • Love sessions 6%
  • Grooming 6%
  • Blogging 4%

Enter into the feline mind…

When cats have their eyes closed, they’re not always sleeping!

Felines are deep thinkers, and I’ve set up a blog to share my insights and wisdom with the world.

So if you’ve always wondered what your cat is thinking…

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Sure I sleep a lot, but I have a great staff that keeps on top of my email. So drop me a line or two, I’d love to hear from you!

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