Week 2 –  On Friday the January 18th we took Kirby to the vet to have his left eye looked at (he’s had an infection or something going on in it that we’ve been trying to treat). It was a bit of a struggle to get him in the carrier, but once he was at the vet’s office he behaved really well (we were worried about that, since he was a wild man when he was first captured and taken in for neutering). The new medicine seems to be helping, though he still isn’t opening his left eye as much as the right. After the appointment we decided not to take him back to our neighbors’ garage and go ahead and move him into our house. He’s currently residing in an upstairs bedroom and seems to like the upgraded accommodations. Dré sleeps upstairs at night, so he knows another cat is in the house, but we keep Kirby closed in the bedroom at night, so Dré hasn’t met Kirby face-to-face yet. Last night Kirby came downstairs and was mewing at the closed kitchen door. Max and Dré were immediately at the door, trying to figure out who was there. There was no growling or hissing, so we rewarded both of them with a shrimp to put a positive spin on the experience.