01.11.19 –  We got him into the house on Friday! He entered via the front door and warily worked his way upstairs to his new room (our guest room at the front of the house). We had lots of toys for him to play with (Dré and Max have quite a collection). He was excited to play with the toys, especially the catnip banana. He also checked out the upstairs hallway and the bedroom where Dré sleeps at night. But he was really jumpy and wouldn’t calm down. Dré was in the kitchen downstairs meowing, which added to Kirby’s uneasiness. So… we decided to take a step back and bring Kirby over for short visits for a week or so and give all of the cats a chance to get used to each other at their own pace. Fortunately Kirby can still spend the night in our neighbors’ garage, so we can take our time moving him in on a permanent basis. Stay tuned!